Canonical, Hreflang, 301, Event Tracking, UTM Generator in Excel

How would you like to automate the whole process of canonicals, events, etc into one spreadsheet?

Since I received quite few mails, I have merged all these spreadsheets into one spreadsheet in 5 tabs so that work easier; in this spreadsheet you will find the:

  • Rel Canonical Generator
  • Hreflang Generator
  • 301 Redirection Generator
  • Event Tracking Generator
  • UTM Generator

Now you are able to fix faster your parameters with clean and descriptive URLs, to create faster and easier the HTML hreflangs, to speed up the 301 redirections for Apache server, to create easily JavaScript codes for Universal Analytics (tracking the untrackable) tracking the user behaviour within your site of any element you want or track the performance of your social media channels through UTMs.

For more details, just download the rel canonical, hreflang, 301 redirection, event tracking, UTM generator (.xls)

A quick preview of what’s coming… keyword analysis template that I made, with multiple functions combined so that you analyse your keyword performance, either you have 50 keyword or 50,000 keywords.

Until next time happy analysing.

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