How To Categorise URLs with Excel – TM Lewin case study

Let’s assume that you have a medium size website, or a larger website (e.g TM Lewin).

How  would like to categorise the performance of your individual parent Categories from your website, in a very easy way?

For this reason, I have prepared a very basic template that will allow you to do so. Namely to review the performance of your parent Categories through the Landing Pages section on Google Analytics.

All you need to do is to the get the 1st level (sub-folder) of the  URL and use IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH by adding the 1st level of the URL. In this basic template you can now do it.


I used the free version of Screaming Frog so that I crawl an indicative list of URLs from TM Lewin website and then I simply categorized the URLs.

In another post , i will show how to quantify the Categories. I will prepare a post that will allow you to collect and process data from Analytics, combining the functions (IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH so that you analyse the individual performance of your parent Categories of your website, in terms of sessions,revenue, transactions.

Until next keep on excelling and happy data analysis :)

P.S. I have no direct or indirect professional affiliation with TM Lewin.


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