About Me

Who I am

Before going to the 5th line and find the answer, I am this person that gives directions to copywriters on what to write, how to write and even where exactly they need to write it but when it comes to write a few lines about myself I don’t know what to write…

If you guessed that I am an search marketer, then you are right – you  found it.

So, I am a search marketer that works for agencies to deliver quality results for their clients.

My Passion

I have worked as research assistant for Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen,  in libraries but none of the above was interesting enough; it was not an art and a science at the same time, like SEO.

If you don’t have something better to do, you can read my publications in academic journals and academic conferences, when there was a time of doing the academic step for a PhD:

So my passion is summed up in the Chinese proverb, according to which if you do something that you love you will have never have to work a single day in your life.. so I think for the last 3-4 years I haven’t felt SEO as a job and that’s why I am not tired of it. On the contrary.

As a result of my  passion for SEO, I worked for the development of this blog in my spare time.

In the past I have worked as SEO and Social Media Analyst for Mozaik a Greek agency and I have worked as Head of Search for Nudge Digital in Bristol.

I worked  as SEO Consultant for Mediaworks one of the best search marketing agencies in the country (that’s the UK), surrounded by cool colleagues.

I am fortunate  now to be working for a cool media agency in London, PHD Media as SEO Manager and the best are yet to come (with this PHD Media).

I am not going to talk about my achievements for my clients for Mozaik and Nudge Digital or Mediaworks in terms of results.

However, within less than a year, I moved from Greece to the UK and within less than a year I got few certifications for which I can be proud of, such as:

Google AdWords Qualified Individual

Bing Ads Accredited Professional


Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Hopefully there will be a sort of qualification for SEO or Google Webmaster Tools…

Sometimes, you might find me in the Google Analytics Solution Gallery in which I  enjoy contributing quite regularly with the creation of custom reports, dashboards and advanced segments.

Some other times you will find me guest blogging for these prestigious sites, whose editors were kind enough to let me write about SEO:

Online Behavior , (mostly for Analytics)

Smart Insights, (mostly for SEO and Analytics)

ahrefs Blog, (mostly for SEO)

WebSEO Analytics (in the past I used to blog mostly for SEO and social media).

If you would like to read a sample of my posts, please feel free to do so:

How event tracking can improve your micro and macro conversions

How to create an XML sitemap

Using the Structured Data Mark-up Helper for your Local Business

There are 20+ other posts, out there..

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me with an email, or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’d love hearing from you!